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Hi, my name is Nova. I help individuals discover their authentic selves by teaching them how to decode emotions, feelings, and belief systems.

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You are the creator of your life, you can choose to shift at any moment

I am now living in London with my husband living my dream life. Before meeting Nova, I believed that I needed to be financially free before I could get married. Before meeting Nova, I had a string of relationships where I was not committing because I was waiting until I was financially free. I was waiting and working towards financial freedom for 41 years! Hahahahahah Nova helped me realise that I made this rule and it might have meant that I would not get married and have a family (one of my birthrights) until I am 65 (If it took me that long to be financially free and retire) hahahahahahaha No wonder why I was depressed and looking for an answer and a quick resolution.

- Mandy F.

"I could not understand how to fix myself, although I tried many forms of therapy, counselling, courses, programs. I spent a lot of time of finding ways to manage my stress, depression, weight issues, low self esteem and many other problems I had. Often on a Saturday I would sleep all day from depression and burn out, from working a stressful Monday-Friday. On Sundays, I would normally go to church for a ‘pick me up’ and come back to society, ready for Monday again. "



"Since getting coached by Nova, my connection with my partner has become closer. In the past, I used to hide uncomfortable feelings and expected my partner to sense my unhappiness. Now, I communicate my feelings openly, leading to improved and more intimate communication in our relationship. Which creates much better role models for my children about relationship, communications and how to express true feelings."

Daisy X.

"With my old belief patterns, I have made many mistakes in parenting... "



"... I have finally settled down my within child and I can send her the love and I can connect with her whenever I think she needs me. I have found self love, I thought I had it before but never felt this much love within me."

Afsana R.

"I did do many readings and looked into my mental health before approaching Nova. I thought I can fix myself and I thought I am doing just fine alone ... "



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I offer a range of services tailored to help you tap into your inner abundance and manifest a life of fulfillment. From one-on-one coaching sessions to transformative workshops, together we will unlock your potential and create lasting positive change.