The Perceptions of Reality

By Nova

2/23/20233 min read

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selective focus photo of green vine
selective focus photo of green vine

Perception of reality is nothing but perception of reality.

We do not perceive reality in it's actuality.

We perceive only our perceptions of reality.

Everything in our reality therefore is merely our perceptions of us and us and us.

We project our perceptions outward, they take up form, manifested into objects, people, conversations, places, events, situations - these are physical actualised manifestations of ourselves. Manifestation is our perceptions taking form.

Therefore, every thing, every person, every thought, every feeling, every conclusion we have about our reality, is simply us on us

Every manifestation helps us get closer to how we perceive ourselves. Every person we encounter, every situation, every conversation, every feeling and emotions, all of the perception we conclude from interacting with them, gets closer to how we perceive our reality, and therefore how we perceive ourselves.

Every manifestation is just your perception of reality being actualised with form.

Rejection of current reality means rejection of self, since all manifestations are nothing but your perceptions about yourself.

You can not identify anything without perception of that thing - whether it's animate or inanimate . The things that you don't perceive with perception, they don't exist in your reality.

The moment you perceive and give definition to some thing, you localise them in the quantum field. You manifest them into physical reality. Your observation localises them into physical matter.

So to change the reality that you're in, you need to go beyond your current perceptions.

You need to first appreciate the forms that have been manifested, because it's following your command. It's shaping your reality exactly as to how you conclude and perceive your reality to be.

Don't mistakenly think the way you perceive your reality was a result of the form. The form could not have been manifested without your perceptions of it. Your moment by moment perceptions helped strengthen its manifestation in your reality thus far.

Your reality is matching exactly your beliefs of your reality. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

Your thoughts were the initiators and the moment by moment thoughts are the glues. It all came from the very first thought, of wanting to know who you really are.

If a fish wants to know about water, it needs to get outside of water and experience the dryness. The contrast helps it get closer to the answer it seeks.

The contrast is not to be blamed, and the suffering of that contrast is not the destination, it's just the path revealing answers toward what the fish seeks to know.

So if the fish perceives the discovery of the dry land and identifies the dryness as suffering reality, it has forgotten its quest to seek.

It is so caught up in the situation, rather than remembering the purpose of that contrast - to find out what water really is.

So understand that all the undesired experiences so far have perfectly served its purpose in your reality - it has helped you know who you are not.

Therefore, if you desire a shift of perceived reality, stop judging the current reality, they are perfectly operating at its highest purpose. They have helped and are helping you identify who you are not, so you can be closer to discovering who you really are.

So until you shift your definition of your current perceived reality, until you stop focusing your observation on the form, the quantum probabilities can not help deliver you an alternative reality.

Because your reality is nothing but your perceptions of reality. To change the reality, the perception is the only change required.

Form follows the observation, manifestation follows your perceptions.

Form derives from thoughts, thoughts becomes some thing, and the thing strengthens our beliefs of the thing.

But it all derives from "nothingness" , the nothingness is not no-thing, it's merely properties that are invisible to us. The quantum field, the quantum probabilities, are not visible to us. It's outside our current perceptions.

The emptiness or nothingness is All That Is, and our moment by moment perception of reality is the localised observation of All That Is. It's like an ocean versus a droplet of water in the ocean.

The suffering comes from attaching the localised observation as the finite destination of your only reality.

The form is only your observation being actualised, it supports your perception of reality, but it's not your final or only destination.

The trap is when you identify form as your reality, but form is only your observation of the quantum probabilities, at this moment.

You come from All That Is, the quantum field, the infinite probabilities. The intent of shifting perceptions, will inevitably shift the forms in your reality.

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