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The Awakening Nova is a platform founded by Nova Chen - an Abundance & Awareness Coach - who aims to assist others on their journey of discovering joy, happiness, peace, and their true "Self." The essence of who we truly are goes beyond our beliefs and circumstances. When we are authentic and true to ourselves, we experience feelings of peace, joy, and happiness. Although this sensation is often fleeting, it doesn't have to be temporary. It can become a lasting state if we choose to delve into understanding how we perceive reality.

The Awakening Nova not only represents Nova herself but also encompasses a collective of individuals who are choosing to awaken to their genuine inner selves - these individuals are known as the "novas." Derived from the Latin word "novus," which signifies newness, often referring to a newly observed star in astronomy. Therefore, The Awakening Nova symbolizes the many individuals embarking on their inner awakening journey.

Nova takes delight in playfully challenging her students and clients by using the humorous metaphor of "throwing slippers" at them. This analogy is a gentler version of a wake-up call, encouraging individuals to question their limiting beliefs, particularly those shaped by their situations and circumstances. Through this lighthearted approach, Nova prompts fresh perspectives, enabling her clients and students to align their beliefs with their authentic essence. At the core of her teachings lies the empowering truth that we are all inherently whole and deserving of abundance and unconditional happiness in every moment. For further insight into Nova's perspective on our perceptions of reality, you can explore her thoughts here.

"For me, The Awakening Nova represents all of us who are starting to awaken and starting to shine our internal light outward, just like the meaning in Astronomy - a nova is not necessarily a new born star, but a star that appears to be new because it's suddenly radiating enormous light and therefore it is detected.

For us to tap into our light source, we simply need to awaken to our true essence, and realise we ARE that light. We are that light that is capable of shinning and radiating. When we shine the lights within, others are inspired and positively impacted, as it creates a ripple affect by illuminating the path for others. "

From Nova ...

Nova Chen

Founder of The Awakening Nova

Abundance & Awareness Coach

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