Do you believe stress is normal? Emotions need to be controlled? Stresses need to be managed? Work hard before you can relax?
Then you haven't mastered your belief systems.
If you go through life without consciously choosing your belief systems, you are not in control over how you want to feel, making stress an inevitable outcome.

Take ownership of your emotions and learn to master your own belief systems.

I understand that many of us lead busy lives, and even though we recognize the importance of self-love, a positive mindset, spending time in nature, grounding, relaxation, meditation, and connecting to mother Earth, it can be challenging to find the time to prioritize them all when we have a high demanding job, a company to run, or family to look after.

Why do we want to do all (or some) of that anyway? What’s the purpose of wanting to relax and slow down? What does it give us anyway? To recharge? To recharge from what exactly? Stress from work and life? And then what? So we get a booster shot and repeat the same hustling all over again?

If you constantly need to relax and de-stress, and live in a cycle of repeats, so you can get back to battle, then it might be time for you to recognize you are depleting your life energy. Your approach to life and your way of rushing in life will not only impact your mental health and physical health but also create a negative ripple effect on those around you - especially your children, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and, most importantly, our current (or future) life partner.

Do you know stress is the body’s message and a sign of an underlying resistance caused by your subconscious belief systems? The simple message is that your current subconscious belief system no longer aligns with who you want to become and what you want to achieve in life.


Simple Maths: If you want to relax, not work so hard, but your underlying belief systems don’t agree with that, instead, strongly believe if you don’t work hard, then you’re being unproductive and therefore irresponsible and a failure. The confusion between the heart and the mind will then create an output of stress.

Heart wants to relax, mind wants to work hard, internal battle = stress. Simple Maths, isn't it?

When the heart and the mind are not congruent, the output is stress because the heart and mind are not in resonance. If you’re familiar with what the quantum physicist has uncovered about our physical reality, then you know down to the subatomic levels we are all just vibrations. Even your thoughts and emotions have detectable frequencies.

When your thoughts in the head and your desires in the heart are vibrating at different frequencies, no wonder the internal world is in chaos. No wonder it’s hard work. No wonder the tasks are nowhere near as effortless as you wanted them to be.

Ok back to the stress topic. We often treat stress like it’s the enemy’s messenger. We want to shoot it down, eliminate it, control it, micro-manage it, macro-manage it, thinking once we become the expert at managing stress, that will lead us to more happiness in life.

But that’s the direct opposite of what you should be doing!

Why would you want to shut down the innocent messenger that is trying to help you connect back to your true feelings and give you guidance to heal and repair your health, your relationship with loved ones, and your peace and happiness?

To explain what stress really is, I often use the metaphor of the petrol gauge inside a car. When the indicator flashes to remind you the petrol is low, you’ll understand that the message is to remind you now it’s time to put some petrol in, or else the car might stop running. You won’t call up the mechanic and say, "Hey buddy, what’s wrong with my car? How do I get rid of this flashing light”, right?

The cause of your problems isn't stress itself, but rather, stress serves as the indicator light for your inner conflicts.

When we yearn for a deeper connection with our loved ones, be it family members, life partners, children, or even our inner selves, we seek happiness and joy. However, our subconscious mind, if operating in survival mode and hustling mode, will naturally reject relaxation and peacefulness. Very quickly, it gears up to old thinking and habits, fearing that letting go of the defensive mode could be life-threatening. A person who believes there’s tiger in front of them, will have a hard time letting go of the weapon in hand.

What ever that imaginary tiger is, limiting beliefs lead us into feeling small, threatened, incapable or unachievable. Many of us carry various limiting beliefs from the past, some may be traced back all the way to childhood.

But here are some common limiting beliefs that impact us in the work place.

By Nova

So when the heart is desiring relaxation and more joy in life, but at the same time, the head is fighting with the imaginary tiger, the extreme opposite feelings are going to generate the resistance that you call stress. Even though the tiger is imagined, the feelings are vivid, so the stress is real. The stress is experienced throughout the body, as the built-in survival instinct will trigger all sorts of neurological and physiological responses to ensure that you are safe and alive.

The unnecessary imaginary inner battle triggers tension in the body, stress on the heart and organs, emotional build-ups, burnouts, and a constant reliance on external resources such as alcohol or other stimulants to seek positive feelings.

Hence, relying on the conventional "stress management" methods won't provide lasting and permanent happiness. Similar to the imaginary tiger example mentioned earlier, if we remain unaware of the imaginary tigers we've labelled in our lives, how can we ever resolve the feelings of anger, frustration, fear, mistrust, confusion, weakness, defeat, and powerlessness that lead to stress and adversely affect our health?

Society frequently steers us towards seeking external solutions: being more productive, working harder, be better at managing time, striving for work-life balance, or just reward ourselves with something nice after a long and stressful workday. But if these approaches were truly effective, wouldn't mental health issues be fixed by now? Obviously, those are not the solution to healthier living and mental wellbeing.

So what is the proper way?

Well, acknowledging stress is only the messenger - just like the petrol gauge, is already putting you on the right path.

If you want to master your external world, look within. Every answer lies within you.

To understand this world of 'within', some might think it’s a long life journey, and we need to meditate for decades or practice yoga every morning, sit in a cave, or read tons of books.

In fact, inner exploration simply starts by understanding your own belief systems, it is not only the fastest way, but also the easiest way to “dissolve” stress permanently, so you can feel peace and happiness constantly. However, not many people know this, because they don’t understand how to master their belief systems.

Imagine yourself as someone who has mastered their belief systems. The difference is rather than seeing the imaginary tiger as real, now you’ve recognised that the tiger was merely a vivid image on the TV screen. This understanding itself will completely change everything - how you respond to that tiger, how you feel about that tiger, how your body reacts to that tiger. In this story, the word "stress" doesn’t even occur to you, because you know it’s a tiger on TV, so you’re not trying to fight an imagery battle. Without feeling stressed, you naturally embody calmness, patience, responsibility, peace, love, and care. So allow that version of yourself to radiate outward, by learning how to master your own belief systems.

Interested to know more?

Here's what others have said about the benefits in mastering their belief systems.

I am now living in London with my husband living my dream life. Before meeting Nova, I believed that I needed to be financially free before I could get married. Before meeting Nova, I had a string of relationships where I was not committing because I was waiting until I was financially free. I was waiting and working towards financial freedom for 41 years! Hahahahahah Nova helped me realise that I made this rule and it might have meant that I would not get married and have a family (one of my birthrights) until I am 65 (If it took me that long to be financially free and retire) hahahahahahaha No wonder why I was depressed and looking for an answer and a quick resolution.

- Mandy F.

"I could not understand how to fix myself, although I tried many forms of therapy, counselling, courses, programs. I spent a lot of time of finding ways to manage my stress, depression, weight issues, low self esteem and many other problems I had. Often on a Saturday I would sleep all day from depression and burn out, from working a stressful Monday-Friday. On Sundays, I would normally go to church for a ‘pick me up’ and come back to society, ready for Monday again. "



"Since getting coached by Nova, my connection with my partner has become closer. In the past, I used to hide uncomfortable feelings and expected my partner to sense my unhappiness. Now, I communicate my feelings openly, leading to improved and more intimate communication in our relationship. Which creates much better role models for my children about relationship, communications and how to express true feelings."

Daisy X.

"With my old belief patterns, I have made many mistakes in parenting... "



"... I have finally settled down my within child and I can send her the love and I can connect with her whenever I think she needs me. I have found self love, I thought I had it before but never felt this much love within me."

Afsana R.

"I did do many readings and looked into my mental health before approaching Nova. I thought I can fix myself and I thought I am doing just fine alone ... "



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